Scotlandville's magnet program offers multiple tracks including academic, engineering, business and governmental affairs.The curriculum in engineering and the academic track is a rigorous sequence of courses that, when combined with college preparatory mathematics, science, English and social studies will prepare students for a successful post-secondary experience. Students participate in specialized courses and are eligible to enroll in Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment providing they meet required qualifications.

The Center of Excellence for Business Entrepreneurship is a full- time four yearprogram for students entering 9th grade, who are interested in starting their own business and becoming an entrepreneur. Students are exposed to local entrepreneurs who share their success stories and mentor them throughout the process. During their senior year, while enrolled in the Entrepreneurship class, they experience knowledge and practice in the only business incubator in the school system, complete with office space, school-based enterprises as well as individual student run businesses.

The engineering program and the Academy of Engineering (a Project Lead The Way curriculum) are collaborative, creative, critical-thinking components of the magnet program highly focused on problem-solving skills, students are dynamic learners in an interactive and challenging instructional setting.The engineering classrooms are filled with the latest design software, advanced materials and cutting-edge engineering equipment. Project-based assignments like programming robots lead to real world challenges and problem-solving opportunities.

The Center of Excellence for Government Affairs is a full time, four year full day program for students entering 9th grade and who are interested in law, law enforcement, the legal system, criminal investigation, forensics and the study of criminal intent. Students are exposed to the justice system where they experience knowledge and practice in the only modern high school courtroom in the district, complete with a judges’ bench, jury box, and deliberation room. This program allows students an opportunity to experience partnerships with local law enforcement, attorneys, judges, legislators and other members of government-related professions. 

Dr. Cynthia Weber

Magnet Coordinator