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Support the SMHS Professional Academy Consortium and come out to this Classy & Elegant Adult Event! Check back for ticket information! 


New Law adds Scotlandville Magnet High School to the list of high schools for which a special prestige license plate will be established! Pictured are from left to right Senator Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb, Vice Chancellor of External Affairs SUS and Alumnus Robbyn Merrick, Alumnus Jason Hughes, Principal Tiffany Quiett, Senator Regina Barrow, Assistant Principal Paul Jackson, and Alumnus James "Houseman" Johnson.

Carol Anderson, SMHS, Business Entrepreneurship Lead Teacher, middle right, white dress. INCubator Edu is an Entrepreneurship curriculum that Ms. Theresa Porter presented to Scotlandville Magnet High School with the opportunity to participate through our Business Entrepreneurship Program. From this was born last year’s “Mogul Matchup” pitch Competition that was the culminating project for the students. Innovative and advanced entrepreneurship ideas that are supported by the community.